Ergonomic keyboard

While I'm using the computer I spend most of the time using only the keyboard, so I decided finally to switch to an ergonomic keyboard to »

Vortex 14, 15

Continuing previous series of vortex here. Vortext 14 Bad Encryption Based on something seen in the “real world”, it has weak encryption usage, used over a »

Vortex 13

Continuing the series of vortex here. This is Vortex #13. (Inconveniences) How big is your shellcode? This level has a non-executable stack. You must login to »

HITCON writeup - sha1lcode

I participated in Hitcon CTF 2014 late, and didn't take it too serious as I have been busy with other things. The good CTFs always tend »

Private API and lazy programmers

Whenever I get curious about some website or service that provides some kind of an application for a phone Android or Iphone. I get a little »

Hacker emblem in VGA bios

I wrote a code for VGA 0x13 (256 color) mode which gives us 320x200 64000 bytes at 0xa000:0000 each one of those represent a pixel »