NDH2k15 updator writeup

Updator was an exploitation challenge worth 200 pts. A URL is given when we access it we're asked to enter a username/password, and there's a »

0ctf FlagGenerator writeup

FlagGenerator was an exploitation challenge worth 250 pts on 0ctf. We are given the binary and it's libc file. Let's start. [0x08048570]> !checksec --file ./flagen »

Ergonomic keyboard

While I'm using the computer I spend most of the time using only the keyboard, so I decided finally to switch to an ergonomic keyboard to »

Vortex 14, 15

Continuing previous series of vortex here. Vortext 14 Bad Encryption Based on something seen in the “real world”, it has weak encryption usage, used over a »

Vortex 13

Continuing the series of vortex here. This is Vortex #13. (Inconveniences) How big is your shellcode? This level has a non-executable stack. You must login to »